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  1. Тема на русском Opening: April 13, 20:00 (GMT+3) OBT: April 12, 20:00 (GMT+3) Project ideology: the main goal and task for us is creation of a stable and fun server. How do we do that? First step: April 13 - we're launching new 1200x server, on which the entire project will be built and where all subsequent discoveries will flow. Second step: April 20 - we're launching new 1000x server, which in a week we'll merge with 1200x and so we will get an eternal 1200x server. Third step: Every next week we will open 1200x or 1000x and in a week merge with the eternal 1200x server. Fourth step: In 1-2 months we will get an excellent server for a stable and long game. Attention: server without wipes; all game property will remain intact and safe. Rates: Exp/SP/Adena x1200 Chronicles: Interlude Platform: Java Main farm location - Ketra Orc Outpost All epic bosses now in Ketra Orc Outpost Each player hitting the epic boss will be able to get a temporary epic (the stats are slightly worse than those of the real epic) Tyrannosaurus now in Ketra Orc Outpost, read more Olympiad period - 1 day. Hero award every day. Enchants removed from the store (now you can get them only by killing mobs in farm locations) Without clan limit Improved Alt + B panel Added new COVID-boss - read more Ketra Orc Outpost - TP from Goddard Drop chance: Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon (A-grade) - 30% Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor (A-grade) - 40% Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon (S-grade) - 30% Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor (S-grade) - 40% Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 76 - 4% Tyrannosaurus now only in Ketra Orc Outpost, read more Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 - 50% (drops from Tyrannosaurus, respawn- 5 minutes) Without clan limit Maximum clan level at creation Clan skills do not require a reputation for leveling (academy is disabled) Clan skills are pumped only with the help of special items (drop only in Primeval Isle) Added a detailed rating of clans in your account Killing war-player is not rewarded with reputation points Duration of all buffs - 120 min Max amount of buffs - 40 New class balance, thanks to which each professional is able to kill any other Start of the Olympics - April 23 Duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT + 3) Olympiad period - 1 day Olympics work - every day Hero award - every day Class Battles Disabled Enchant limit +6 5 players are needed to start the Olympics For each victory at the Olympiad you get 3 Festival Adena (for winning) or 1 Festival Adena (for losing) The ability to monitor the number of registered participants is disabled Max weapon enchant +18 Max armor enchant +16 Max jewelry enchant +16 NPC is located in all cities. Assortment of goods: Equipment and consumables of any grade Exchange Festival Adena Accessories Quest items Sub-Class: quest removed. Just come and take the class you want, you have the opportunity to take up to 5 sub-classes Noblesse: respawn of RB - 2 hours +/- 30 minutes, no quest. It is enough to pump in a subclass 75+ and come to RB In-game auction with the ability to buy or sell the necessary game items (NPC is located in major cities). Trading Currency - Festival Adena and Coins of Luck Augmented Weapon Fee - 2 Coins of Luck Commission for placing other items - 1 Festival Adena Sieges are held every Saturday and Sunday All castles participate in sieges A reward of 50 Coin of Luck is assigned for captured Goddard, for subsequent hold / capture, too Team vs Team (TvT) - tournament between players. All participants are divided into two teams and the one that will gain more kills will win. To register, register in .events chat or talk with Event Manager (located in the city of Goddard). Reward: Gift Box. Opening it you will receive one of the items: 1 Festival Adena 10 Festival Adena 1 TOP LS 1 Giant's Codex 1 Nephilim Lord Shield 1 Zombie Shield 15 QHP. The player with the most kills on his team receives a Gift Box. Schedule (GMT+3): 15:00 18:00 19:30 21:00 Drop: High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 (from 2 to 5 шт) - chance 60% Giant's Codex (from 2 tо 5 шт) - chance 60% Changes: All healing effects on raid bosses are prohibited. Added announcements about the appearance of simple RBs from level 76 (30 minutes before the appearance) Teleport to all raid bosses 76 from GK (except for bosses in TOI) Revival time 12-24 hours No drop from calling and quest rb Features: AQ - 80 lvl, Zaken - 80 lvl, Core - 80 lvl, Orfen - 80lvl PvP zones are implemented on all epics. All epic RBs are tied to the evening resp. Chance to drop jewelry with Core and Orfen - 100% 5-10 Top Life stone, 5-10 Giant's Codex added to Drop Core and Orfen Zaken will appear on ??? from 19:30 to 20:00 (GMT + 3) Baium every 3 days from 20:00 tо 22:00 (GMT+3) Valakas every 5 days from 20:00 tо 21:00 (GMT+3) Frintezza every 2 days from 22:00 tо 23:00 (GMT+3) Antharas every 4 days from 20:00 tо 21:00 (GMT+3) Zaken every 2 days from 19:30 tо 20:00 (GMT+3) Queen Ant every day from 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT+3) Сore every day from 17:30 tо 18:00 (GMT+3) Orfen every day from 18:30 tо 19:00 (GMT+3) Covid Boss every day from 22:00 tо 23:00 (GMT+3) The team in the .epic chat will give detailed information about Epic RB in the game .menu - additional settings .acp - auto-use CP/HP/MP .relog - fast relog for drops FPS cache (does not work during the battle; when using this command the group does not split) .epic - epic RB status .repair - will pull out your character if you cannot enter the game
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